Living room wallpaper selection - read expert tips

What kind of wallpaper do you want for your living room? Does it need to accentuate the decor, or does it have to be like a piece of art on the wall? Do you want calm and harmonious wallpapers that blend together, or wallpapers that draw the eye and make you stop?

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Rebel Walls Asana-patterned wallpaper is suited for many, for example, newly in love couples, career people, party organizers, those who enjoy life, as well as a young person's first home.

The living room is the room in your home where you can choose to change your wallpaper selection. It all depends on how you want to use the room: do you rest or watch TV, read or do handicrafts in peace and quiet, do you often hold parties and invite many guests, or do you mostly spend time with your family playing games and watching movies together? We have compiled wallpaper ideas for different groups of people – let yourself be inspired!


Art lovers choose dark and simple living room wallpapers

Do you have a lot of beautiful artworks in your home? Or perhaps a valuable treasure in the form of a photo wall? In that case, you will benefit most from choosing a dark, solid wallpaper that accentuates the paintings. It becomes subdued and stylish. If there are many paintings, strong patterns on a light background can often make the room look cluttered.

Sandberg's wallpaper Pine is very popular. The dark color option suits well as a background for art, whereas the green and gray are good options for a living room wallpaper as is.

Boråstapeter's Rosewood Night wallpaper is popular and forms a beautiful backdrop for your paintings. Also available in beige, gray, and blue.

Laura Ashley wallpaper Barley in dark blue is almost monochrome despite its natural leaf pattern. Also available in beige.

Rebel Walls' bird wallpaper Arlon is large-patterned and beautiful in the living room, with or without paintings. Do you dare to choose this wallpaper?


Family with children chooses playful living room wallpaper

Does your family include small or slightly older children? Do you often spend time in the living room, playing games, playing or watching TV? Invest in playful and cheerful wallpaper! Everything does not have to be serious, calm, and harmonious if life is otherwise hectic. If there are toys everywhere, they are forgotten and not noticed when the focus is on the fun wallpaper on the living room walls. In addition, fingerprints or children's artworks on the walls are not as visible on colorful and patterned wallpaper. The time for minimal and stylish white comes at a different stage of life.

The Aquatic Life wallpaper from Rebel Walls is playful and perfect for families with children.

The playful Stripes wallpaper from Rebel Walls features a graphic and irregular pattern.

The Cole & Son wallpaper Savuti is playful with monkeys and exotic plants. A fun wallpaper for the living room!

The Oak Tree Tails wallpaper from Långelid/von Brömssen features fun, leaf-playing squirrels.



The DIY Enthusiast Chooses a Country Style Living Room Wallpaper

Do you enjoy crafts or DIY? Do you love flowers and natural patterns? In that case, a romantic country style wallpaper in a light shade might be the perfect fit for your living room. Simple, light wallpapers also suit your home well. Many might think that wallpapering with a single-colored wallpaper is unnecessary, that walls can just be painted. However, the fact is that a single-colored wallpaper feels more comfortable than painted walls, especially if the wallpaper is lightweight (for example, linen wallpaper) and not completely smooth.

The large-flowered Dahlia Garden wallpaper from Boråstapeter is extremely popular. This romantic country style wallpaper is available in six different color options and fits the living room perfectly.

Majvillan is known for its lovely children's wallpapers. However, the June wallpaper also fits well in the living room.

Boråstapeter's wallpaper Shades of Chalk is a monochrome wallpaper, but vibrant and available in 30 color shades. Here in the color Sandstone.

Långelid/von Brömssen's richly patterned wallpaper Cornucopia is nature-oriented.


Professionals choose stylish and calm living room wallpapers

Do you invest a lot in your professional career, work a lot, and just want to rest and relax at home? Invest in a harmonious and light wallpaper and subdued decor in the living room. It turns the sofa into an oasis where you can clear your thoughts and relax with good music or perhaps a movie. We recommend a patterned wallpaper with large and airy patterns.

Sandberg's image wallpaper Vilda is relaxed and dreamlike. A beautiful living room wallpaper.

Rebel Walls' patterned wallpaper Grow is airy and peaceful leaf wallpaper. In this living room, the brain gets to rest.

Rebel Walls's luxurious Marble Art marble wallpaper feels exclusive, yet is very peaceful and harmonious.

Boråstapeter's landscape wallpaper Twilight Landscape is magnificent and at the same time harmonious.

What's more relaxing than thick fog? Rebel Walls' patterned wallpaper Morning Fog brings peace of mind.


Party organizers choose conversation-starting living room wallpaper

Do you often host parties at your home and live a glamorous lifestyle? In that case, you want an unusual wallpaper for your living room, wallpaper that is like an exclamation mark on the wall and sparks conversation! Choose bold patterns and unexpected color combinations. Gold and glitter also work well. The ultimate party organizer selects wallpaper with contrast, so it stands out even in party lighting.

Metallic colors create a festive impression. When a subject sparks discussion, it also adds to the party atmosphere. Boscobel Oak wallpaper comes from Cole & Son.

Studio Lisa Bengtsson's splendid Swan Lake wallpaper draws attention with its large swans.

Cole & Son's Bush Baby wallpaper is elegant with tiny... well, what actually are those animals in the wallpaper?

Studio Lisa Bengtsson's colorful bird wallpaper Pippi is eye-catching!


Newly in Love Choose Romantic Living Room Wallpaper

Are you a new couple who just moved in together? Why not add some passion with a romantic, large-flowered living room wallpaper that sparks a flame? Or float above the clouds with cloud wallpaper on the ceiling.

Rebel Walls' image wallpaper May Meadow is a romantic floral wallpaper for the living room. Snuggle up on the couch with your loved one, light a fire, and enjoy love!

Boråstapeter's large-flowered pattern wallpaper Blossom II feels cozy and safe in the living room.

Cole & Son's cloud wallpaper Nuvole al Tramonto looks stunning on the ceiling. It's romantic to rest together beneath the clouds.

Designers Guild's floral patterned wallpaper Jardin Botanique is soft and romantic.


Design expert chooses designer wallpaper for the living room

If you're well-versed in brands and designers, then you obviously choose designer wallpaper for your living room! Alvar Aalto, William Morris, Marimekko, or perhaps Stig Lindberg?

William Morris wallpaper Pure Bachelors Button was designed in 1892, but remains stylish to this day. A chic designer wallpaper for the living room.

Alvar Aalto's wallpaper M.I.T, known as the Artek wallpaper, was designed while Aalto was a visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Marimekko wallpaper Pienet Kivet is one of the design classics created by Maija Isola.


Antique collector chooses vintage wallpaper for the living room

Do you love antiques and old items, perhaps live in a turn-of-the-century villa or an old farmhouse? Do you choose vintage wallpaper for your living room? Striped wallpapers, medallions, Art Nouveau wallpapers, and checkered wallpapers fit your home. Our selection includes both paper wallpapers and fiber wallpapers made in a classic style.

Boråstapeter's Art Nouveau wallpaper Villastan looks beautiful in old houses and apartments.

Duro's popular wallpaper Hudiksvalls Teater is available in several color options, both as paper wallpaper and fiber wallpaper.

Långelid/von Brömssen's striped wallpaper Jagged Stripe is a classic wallpaper with a modern touch. Striped wallpaper is generally considered classic.

Duro's stencil wallpaper Oskar suits well for antique decor. The design originates from the 19th century.


Nature lovers choose nature-inspired living room wallpaper

Do you love being outdoors in nature and already have your next forest hike, mountain climb, or nature experience in mind? Then a nature-inspired wallpaper or landscape wallpapers are perfect for your living room.

Rebel Walls' picture wallpaper Scandinavian Bellewood takes us to a Nordic forest among pines and spruces. Nature-inspired wood wallpaper for the living room.

Sandberg's airy wallpaper Jon is nature-friendly and simultaneously exotic with bamboo leaves. Imagine this wallpaper in your living room!

Sandberg's patterned wallpaper Skog is harmonious and tranquil with its watercolor-painted design.

Sandberg's large-patterned floral wallpaper Belinda is stunning and beautiful in a living room.

Rebel Walls' green wallpaper Mischievous Monkeys features a dense leaf pattern.


Young adults in their first home choose durable and magnificent living room wallpapers

Have you just moved out and bought your first own apartment? Congratulations! The world is open, filled with countless possibilities. Try to find your own style and don’t let trends, parents, or friends influence it. The decision is yours! We recommend spectacular wallpapers for your living room with various patterns or perhaps wallpapers that suit an industrial style.

Rebel Walls’ pattern wallpaper Barcelona with a fantastic, worn brick wall is great for a student housing or your first own home.


Studio Lisa Bengtsson's bold wallpaper Coco Tiger is unique and perfect for the young rebel!

Rebel Walls’ airy watercolor wallpaper Petals is abstract and relaxed.

Cole & Son's classic wallpaper Cow Parsley is perfectly suited as a background wallpaper for the living room.


The recycler chooses a retro wallpaper for the living room

Are you a collector who enjoys browsing through flea markets, retro, and vintage? Perhaps you have items from the time when you were young or when your parents were young? We have compiled some retro wallpapers that would fit your living room.

Appelsiini is one of Pihlgren & Ritola's most famous wallpapers. The retro wallpaper has two siblings Bilberry and Lingonberry.

Boråstapeter's retro wallpaper Anita exudes the 1970s. A bold retro wallpaper for the living room.

Boråstapeter's design wallpaper Pottery was designed by Stig Lindberg. A great wallpaper for the living room!

The graphic wallpaper Hypnotic Safari is newly designed, but exudes retro vibes.


The movie buff chooses a graphic wallpaper for the living room

Do you love watching movies in your living room? Do you have the best technical equipment for it? In that case, you want a dark wallpaper so it won't distract your viewing. The wallpaper should preferably have graphic patterns.

Harlequin's graphic Asuka-wallpaper has a luxurious metallic pattern. The wallpaper is suitable as a background wall in a room with dark walls. Maybe better behind the sofa than behind the movie equipment.

1838 Wallcoverings' Astoria-wallpaper is luxurious velvet textured, metallic colored or pearlescent.

Cole & Son's wallpaper Woods & Pears is perfect for a home cinema living room. Popular sibling wallpapers are called Woods and Woods & Stars.

Cole & Son's graphic wallpaper Pompeian has a three-dimensional patterning.


A life enthusiast chooses color for the living room wallpaper

Are you a splash of color who loves colors and finds beige, gray, white, and black boring? Here are some suggestions for colorful living room wallpaper. Which one will you choose?

Rebel Walls' vibrant Pigments picture wallpaper is like an explosion of color on the wall. The wallpaper adds a lot of energy and positive atmosphere to the living room.

Cole & Son's Singita wallpaper features dense, colorful exotic and detailed patterning.

Designed by Hanna Werning, Boråstapeter's Friviva floral wallpaper might be a future classic.

Marimekko's colorful Rosarium- wallpaper is designed by Aino-Maija Metsola.


Yes, of course, we have generalized. You are free to choose from any category regardless of what type of person you are. The important thing is that you find a wallpaper that you like and want to live with for a few years to come!


Choose living room wallpaper – seven tips:

  1. You spend a lot of time in the living room. Choose wallpaper that you really like, one that creates the feeling you want, and makes you feel comfortable in your own home.
  2. If you have an open floor plan, the living room wallpaper should match the colors and atmosphere of the adjacent rooms.
  3. Is your living room small? Choose light wallpaper.
  4. Dark colors on one or more walls in the living room give the room character and can be very comfortable. However, remember that there is enough light sources – both general lighting and mood lighting.
  5. The living room is the home's room where you can alternate. Dare to choose differently, choose what your heart says yes to.
  6. Feature wall or wallpaper on every wall? Feel free to choose a large-patterned wallpaper for the feature wall and wallpaper the other walls in colors that match the feature wall.
  7. Order wallpaper samples to your home. This way you can check if your desired wallpaper fits into the room's decor and how the colors look in the room's lighting.


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