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Acoustics are an important aspect of interior design as they directly affect our hearing and how we react to our environment. When creating an interior design plan, Aveo considers all five human senses, one of which is hearing. Here you will find acoustic panels that function both as sound-absorbing elements and as part of the decor.

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Improving Sound Levels – Six Tips Before You Buy Acoustic Products

Investing in soundproofing during the construction or renovation phase is worthwhile. However, everything can also be resolved afterwards if it is noticed that the noise or echo is too loud or the sound levels are too high. It’s good to thoroughly explore the options before making a choice. Consider the following points:


1. Why invest in acoustics? Investing in good acoustic solutions is also an investment in well-being. Prolonged loud noise can cause hearing problems, stress, mental discomfort, and fatigue.


2. What is your budget? Acoustic products are long-lasting. If you believe that the products will be in use for years, the annual costs of a more expensive acoustic solution are not very high.


3. Which room needs acoustic improvement?

  • In large high-ceiling rooms, such as kitchens and spacious living rooms, help with the sound environment is often needed when the echo is higher. Here we recommend acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, acoustic lamps, and acoustic fabrics, for example, as curtains.
  • In classrooms we also recommend acoustic panels. For example, sound-absorbing acoustic panels next to the whiteboard at the front of the classroom improve the teacher's working environment and prevent tinnitus. Acoustics allow for good audibility (how well you can hear when someone is speaking), which improves learning. Chair socks eliminate noise from chair legs scratching the floor.
  • In dining rooms, whether at home, work, or school, we recommend acoustic chair socks for all chair legs. It has been proven that sound levels drop when scratching noises disappear.
  • For the office and home office we recommend desk-mounted acoustic screens to reduce noise levels and provide privacy.
  • For waiting areas, entrances, and bathrooms we recommend sound boxes with bird songs or waves to calm, welcome, and create coziness, but also to mask unpleasant sounds.


4. Do all acoustic solutions fit everywhere? Most acoustic products are suitable for both private homes and public spaces.


5. What kind of acoustic solutions do you want? Consider your own needs and wishes. Do you want inconspicuous solutions that are hardly visible or acoustic solutions that are part of the decor in matching colors?


6. Noise problems in one or more rooms? Does acoustics work in one room but not in another, or does the entire home/office/school need to be renovated? If the project is larger, it’s worth contacting us for a comprehensive assessment and quote. If you live near Komossa (Vöyri, Ostrobothnia), you are welcome to book a time for an acoustic consultation at our studio. We also make business and school visits within a 100 km radius of Vöyri.



General Information About Acoustics

You may have noticed that sound echoes in empty rooms or when you clean and remove rugs and curtains for airing. This is because the fabric has acoustic properties, and the sound environment is much better in rooms with curtains, rugs, and cushions on the sofa.

What is acoustics?

Acoustics studies sound, how sound is created, spreads, and affects us. When acoustics are good, sound levels are good and there is no echo. When acoustics are bad, noise is loud and disturbing, and there is much echo.

Why do we need good acoustics?

When acoustics are good, it’s easy to concentrate and we feel better. We all have the right to live at home and work in workplaces where the noise level is good.

Where is acoustics found?

Where there is life and sound, there is acoustics. For example, outdoors echoes in many places. But we mostly talk about acoustics indoors, in rooms with walls. When sound hits a wall, it either bounces back (echo) or stops (absorbed and attenuated).


How Do Acoustic Products Help?

Most acoustic products - acoustic panels, acoustic screens, acoustic socks, and acoustic lamps - have one common feature, namely that they are made of fabric and soft materials. The fabric dampens sound by absorbing sound waves.


Acoustic Products and the Environment

Acoustic products are an environmentally friendly choice. They do not lose their effectiveness and do not need to be replaced every year, but they help create comfortable sound environments for many years. Examples of environmental measures are the Soft panel made from recycled materials, Konto's acoustic panels made from domestic peat, and Narbutas's acoustic screens made from renewable energy sources.


How Many Acoustic Panels Do I Need?

Calculating the number of acoustic panels needed depends on the size of the room and the extent of the sound problem. At Aveo, we are happy to help you find different acoustic solutions that suit you. Contact us via chat, email, or call us!


Care Instructions for Acoustics

Most acoustic products are made of fabric. Dust can be gently vacuumed.


Problems With Noise? We Have Solutions!

Do you have problems with acoustics at home, at work, or at school? Problems can be solved in many different ways. At Aveo, we have been working with acoustics for 16 years and are happy to help you find the best solution. Here are some options:

Acoustic panel or board. Installed on the wall or ceiling to dampen echo.

Acoustic screen. Attached to the desk to create space around your workspace.

Acoustic lamp. Attach to the ceiling, and the sound is dampened thanks to the felt material.

Sound box. Birdsong or waves calm, welcome, or mask unpleasant sounds.

Acoustic fabrics. Fabric dampens echoes and creates soft sound environments. Aveo is an authorized dealer of Designers Guild and Création Baumann acoustic fabrics. Contact us if you are interested, and we will tell you more.

Soft floor materials. Aveo's selection includes Aveo's Bolon sound-dampening vinyl flooring. Contact us if you are interested or request a quote. Read more about Bolon's sustainable floors here.


Acoustics Online from Aveo's Online Store

Order your acoustic products conveniently from our online store. Our online store offers a range of quality acoustic products. We are happy to assist in acoustic consultations on-site at our studio in Komossa (Vöyri, Ostrobothnia, Finland). We also conduct acoustic consultations on-site at schools, kindergartens, and workplaces within a 100 km radius of Vöyri. We also assist via chat, email, and phone.


Aveo's Acoustic Selection – Buy Directly from Our Online Store

Our online store features high-quality acoustic products from the following brands.

Soften. Acoustic panels and lamps from Finland. Hang on the wall or ceiling. Acoustic panels have the highest sound attenuation rating, class A. This means they dampen sound maximally. Made of polyester and recycled polyester filling, without solvents and other chemicals. The material can be recycled.

Konto. Acoustic panels from Finland with the highest sound attenuation class A. Hang on the wall or ceiling. Natural product made from Finnish peat.

Silent Socks. Furniture pad, acoustic sock, chair sock - a beloved child has many names. Socks placed on chair legs dampen noise and scratches. Sound attenuation is measured up to 18 dB (A), already 8-10 dB (A) is perceived as halving the sound level. Made of wool or synthetic material mixed with wool depending on the area of use. Read more about Silent Socks here.

Narbutas. Acoustic screens for desks that protect and dampen noise levels at your workplace. Narbutas products have Öko-Tex, Ecolabel, and EPD certifications. Products are manufactured using renewable energy.

Zwitscherbox. Sound masking boxes with birds or waves. Products operate on batteries or can be recharged. Activated by motion sensors and "sing" for two minutes. The sound level is adjustable. The sound is perceived to calm the noise level. Read more about sound boxes here.


We Help You With Your Acoustic Purchase

At Aveo, we prioritize customer service and want to assist you before, during, and after your purchase.

  • When considering purchasing acoustic products from Aveo's online store, we are happy to answer questions via the store's chat, email, or phone. If you live within driving distance of Komossa (Vöyri, Ostrobothnia), you are welcome to book a time for an acoustic consultation at our studio. You can read about our purchase terms to learn how to buy on Aveo's online store.
  • We always do our best to ensure that you, as a customer, receive the products you purchased as quickly as possible. Read more about our delivery terms for more details about delivery methods.
  • We offer free returns for regular packages within Finland and reimburse the amount you paid for the product. Check our return and complaint terms here.
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  • On Aveo's Facebook and Instagram pages, you can view many beautiful and inspiring pictures of products sold in our online store. We also often share photos that our satisfied customers post on social media.
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Aveo is a small online store with a big heart. We focus on selling wallpapers and acoustic products online. Aveo is located in Vöyri, Ostrobothnia, Finland. Read more about Aveo here.