Zirpybox cover sound - oak


Zirpybox Sound Masking Box is handcrafted and brings the beauty of nature right into your home. Its front in oak, sourced from responsibly managed forests, makes each piece unique. Zirpybox offers a summer sensation with natural sounds such as the chirping of cicadas and crickets. Zirpybox is delivered in a set of two units. From one box, you hear the singing of cicadas, and from the other, the sound of crickets. Use the boxes as a set or separately.

Sound masking is an excellent solution for spaces where you want to cover background noise, such as waiting rooms, reception areas, offices, or even bathrooms. The sound is activated by a motion sensor, and you can choose the sound length between 3 and 30 minutes. Create an energetic and refreshing atmosphere wherever you decide to place it.


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