Price Guarantee at Aveo

Buy interior products, wallpapers, chalk paint, and acoustic products always at the best price! We strive to offer the best prices, but if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we will match that price under the following conditions. Follow these instructions to take advantage of our price guarantee.

Aveo's Price Guarantee Against Competitors:

  • The price guarantee covers all physical stores and online shops registered in Finland.
  • The price guarantee is valid for seven days after the purchase. You can use the price guarantee even before purchasing in our online shop.
  • The product to which Aveo's price is compared must be available at the time of submitting the price guarantee claim or within seven days of purchasing.
  • Some of our products and brands are exclusively available at Aveo – see the next section regarding the price guarantee in Aveo's online shop.

Price Guarantee Against Aveo:

  • We also offer a price guarantee in Aveo’s online shop. If the price of the product you ordered drops after the order, we will refund you the price difference.
  • You can invoke the price guarantee no more than seven days after the order. You can also invoke the price guarantee before the order if you find the product cheaper elsewhere.
  • The price guarantee is valid if the product price drops within seven days of the order.

Price Guarantee Conditions:

  • Ensure that the product's price, including shipping and other fees, is cheaper than when ordered from Aveo.
  • The product must be the same brand, model, color, and include the same features.
  • The product must be available at the comparable store, and they must be able to deliver the product immediately.
  • The product must be new, not used as a display model or otherwise.
  • The price guarantee does not cover bankruptcy sales, clearance sales, or other similar situations without warranty or the right to claim.
  • The price guarantee does not cover personal offers, loyalty discounts, or social media campaigns.
  • The price guarantee only covers products purchased for personal use, not for resale. Aveo reserves the right to limit the price guarantee to one item per product.

How to Utilize the Price Guarantee:

Contact our customer service regarding the price guarantee request via email at Ensure all conditions are met and include the required evidence.

Online Shop Evidence:

  • Screenshot of the product, price, and date.
  • Link to the product in another online shop.
  • Calculation of the total product price, including shipping and other fees.

Physical Store Evidence:

  • Copy of an advertisement or publication showing the product's price and offer validity.
  • Contact details of the store for verification.
  • The price difference will be refunded to your account within 14 days of your request being approved.