The Environment Matters – How Aveo is Working Towards a Sustainable Future

At Aveo, we value our planet and its natural resources. We are continuously working to reduce our ecological footprint and are committed to making conscious choices for a sustainable future. Let us share our eco-friendly initiatives and how we work to protect our Earth.

Recycling – Aveo’s Way to Optimize Packaging

At Aveo, we prioritize the reuse of packaging materials, which means most of our deliveries are sent in boxes that have been used at least once before. We save a large portion of the boxes that our products come in and give them a new life by using them for our deliveries. All the packing material in the packages, whether it’s packaging paper or bubble wrap, is recycled - paper is 100% and plastic at least 50%.

Additionally, we often reuse packing fillers that we receive in deliveries from our suppliers. We see the extra time and effort it takes to implement these reuse routines not as an obstacle, but rather as an investment in our planet’s well-being. Every minute we spend on this contributes to creating a sustainable future for all of us.

Paper Tape Works Just as Well

Aveo has switched to paper tape. At Aveo, we have chosen to completely replace plastic tape with paper tape that uses non-toxic glue. We made a conscious decision to phase out all plastic tape we previously had in stock, and now we only use paper tape. This change, although it may seem small, is an important step towards a more plastic-free and sustainable everyday life. Therefore, the outermost package that customers receive in their hands is generally always 100% paper-based.

Aveo reuses boxes from suppliers and uses paper tape, which is better for the environment.

Minimizing Printing with Aveo

At Aveo, we work hard to minimize our use of printing and thus protect the environment. We have removed unnecessary papers, such as return forms or shipping lists, from our deliveries. Instead, we send all this information digitally to our customers when we ship the package. The only physical trace of paper you will find in our packages is the address label and a small note explaining our commitment to minimizing paper usage.

One Delivery, Not Multiple – Aveo’s Principle

We always strive to ship all products that a customer has ordered in the same package. This way, we not only minimize the environmental impact from unnecessary deliveries and transports but also save your time as you won’t need to pick up multiple packages. Sure, there can sometimes be exceptions if the products have very different delivery times, but our main rule is to coordinate deliveries. This is part of our commitment to operate sustainably and conveniently for our customers.

Product Content and Certifications

Transparency about our products and their environmental impact is a cornerstone at Aveo. We provide comprehensive information about each product’s content and any environmental certifications the company or product may have. We also take the extra step to stand for the environment in our purchasing decisions. Sometimes this means we simply say "no, thank you" to products that do not meet our strict environmental criteria. An example of this is candles made with paraffin, a material that emits carcinogenic substances and increases carbon dioxide emissions. You will not find such products in our range.

We Prioritize Local Suppliers

We place great importance on collaborating with suppliers who are geographically close to us. In fact, two-thirds of all the brands whose products we sell come from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Estonia. The remaining third comes from other European countries. This choice significantly reduces transport distances and hence our environmental impact.

Furthermore, we always strive to show transparency regarding the country of origin for our products, as we know this can be important for our customers. Not just for environmental reasons, but also to support ethical and political values. For example, we have chosen to exclude products manufactured in Russia from our range. 

Wallpapers Made with Care

Wallpapers are far from disposable – they are made to last for many years and often carry timeless beauty. By offering the possibility to order samples in advance, we ensure that our customers find the perfect wallpaper that will adorn their walls for years to come.

Unique to Aveo is that we allow returns on whole, unopened wallpaper rolls – something that is not yet standard in the industry. This way, we ensure that these quality products do not gather dust on the shelf or end up in the trash, but instead can delight the next customer.

We are happy to send wallpaper and paint samples to help our customers find the right ones.

Aveo sells quality – reducing environmental impact

Our vision is to offer timeless yet modern quality products in our assortment. Our goal is for each customer to be satisfied and enjoy their purchases for many years. By choosing quality, we reduce the number of returns and complaints, contributing to a more sustainable consumption model.


We know that sometimes things can go wrong and a product may be defective. In such cases, we offer the customer a discount as compensation, making the product still feel valuable, or we take back the product. Returned products get a new life by being used internally or sold locally at a reduced price. In this way, we always strive for each product to be used and contribute to reduced waste. All returns are posted directly to us without intermediaries.

A proud employer in the countryside

We are based in the village of Komossa in Vöyri, Ostrobothnia, and we are proud to be the largest employer in the area. We work from home when we can to minimize commuting and car use.

Aveo – Striving to develop and become even better

At Aveo, we do our best to contribute to a sustainable future. We are continuously learning new methods and strategies to be more environmentally friendly. Together, we can all make a positive difference for the environment and future generations. We welcome you to join us on this journey. Together, we can truly make a difference. Every choice we make, every conscientious purchase we choose to make, contributes to our collective effort for a more sustainable world.