Wallpaper Samples

Get a real feel for your future decor with our A4-sized wallpaper samples. Some wallpaper companies may offer alternative sizes, such as A5 or narrow strips, but generally, the samples are A4-sized to give a true representation of the wallpaper's dimensions, patterns, and colors.

To help you visualize the wide spectrum of patterns and colors, we offer mural wallpapers in A3 size. However, please note that these samples may sometimes be scaled down to show a more comprehensive view of the design.

Delivery of Wallpaper Samples

We strive to deliver your entire order at once. However, if a particular sample in your order has an extended delivery time, we may choose to ship the rest of your samples earlier. With our commitment to fast delivery and customer satisfaction, we make it easy to find the perfect wallpapers for your home.

Discover your interior design potential today with our extensive range of wallpaper samples, designed to suit all styles and preferences.

One of the Largest Wallpaper Sample Inventories in the Nordics

With us, you will find one of the largest wallpaper sample inventories in the Nordics, tens of thousands of samples in stock for immediate delivery. Whether you are looking for classic patterns, modern expressions, or something in between, we have a broad selection that makes it easy to find just the right wallpaper for your home. With our extensive assortment, you can explore and experiment with different styles and colors to create the perfect expression for your space.


Welcome to explore our vast selection and discover your favorites!