Aveo - Your Professional Interior Design Partner

Welcome, professional interior designers and architects!

If you work with interior design for private homes and public spaces, we are here to support your work. Aveo is proud to be a reseller of a wide range of high-quality products and services that you can benefit from in your projects.


We offer:


- Wallpapers for all rooms
- Silent Socks acoustic socks
- Acoustic products from Softens, Ecophons, and Kontos
- Kalklitir's eco-friendly lime paint
- Designer's Guild range (much more than what's available in the webshop)
- Narbutas ergonomic office furniture and acoustic solutions for open office environments
- ...and much more!


Do you have any questions, want to know more, or request a quote? Send an email to info@aveohome.se or call us at 08-55922755.


Our website is made for you

We continuously update our website to better meet the needs of our customers. Our improvements aim to facilitate the work of interior design professionals.

Meet Alvar - Your New AI Assistant for Wallpaper Search

We are excited to introduce Alvar, our intelligent AI assistant that leverages Google Vision. When you find a wallpaper that you or your customer likes on our website, Alvar can help to find similar wallpapers for other rooms, considering the color scheme, pattern, and theme. Discover Alvar's capabilities and find the perfect wallpapers even more easily!


 Let Us Find the Perfect Pair for Your Environment

Try our new image search function where you can upload a picture you've taken or found online. Our new feature quickly finds matching products. This is an excellent way to find the products your customers are looking for. Use the image search function when planning various interior design projects, whether for a single room or an entire home.


Wallpapers for Public Spaces

We offer a wide range of wallpapers for public spaces, designed to meet requirements for safety and aesthetics. We have gathered all public wallpapers in a separate category to make it easier for professionals. All our public wallpapers are fire-rated B-s1, d0 and offer unique and durable properties that are perfect for public spaces. Contact us for more information about our wallpapers and their unique characteristics, we are happy to help you find the perfect