Choose wallpaper for the bedroom – ten tips

The bedroom should be your oasis where you relax and sleep well - and shut out the noise of the outside world. Here we give tips on bedroom wallpapers that make your bedroom harmonious and provide a good night's sleep.

Vilda sininen rauhallinen kuvatapetti makuuhuoneeseen Sandbergilta 662 26

Wallpaper Vilda from Sandberg is perfect for the bedroom.

When you are wallpapering a bedroom, there are many factors to consider. The wallpaper should be harmonious and have a soothing pattern, and the colors should be calm and relaxing. In the bedroom, you want to unwind from the day's stress and recharge for new challenges the following day. 


1. Blue bedroom wallpapers create harmony

Blue wallpapers are a safe choice for the bedroom if you want a good night's sleep. Blue creates a sense of security and a relaxed atmosphere. All shades of blue are calming, but if the room is small, it is better to choose a lighter wallpaper as dark colors make the room appear smaller.


Hip Rose

Into the Woods

Dancing Crane


Sandbergs Jennie is a wallpaper with large leaf patterns. The harmonious wallpaper is perfect for the bedroom.

Boråstapeters Hip Rose is a popular wallpaper. It has a calm, floral pattern that fits nicely in the bedroom.

Långelid/von Brömssens tree wallpaper Into the Woods, shown here in a camouflage blue-green, is charming and at the same time peaceful. It is also available in a turquoise green and a misty blue variant. All three colors work well in the bedroom.

Dancing Crane from Boråstapeter and Engblad & Co is a classic bird wallpaper that suits the bedroom well. It also comes in a lighter, blue-white variant.


2. Sky and sea calm the bedroom

There is something special about the horizon; we can sit for a long time and look at it at the summer cottage in the summers and feel how peace and tranquility set in. Also in the bedroom, the sea and sky have a calming effect.

Sea Sunrise




Rebel Walls photo wallpaper Sea Sunrise with soft little waves rolling onto the beach is soothing.

On Boråstapeter's landscape wallpaper Horizon, the sky and sea meet somewhere far away. A peaceful backdrop for the bedroom.

Sandberg's cloud wallpaper Himmel gives the feeling of sleeping on cotton. Perfect to wallpaper the ceiling above the bed, almost like sleeping under the open sky.


3. Green wallpapers give calm sleep

Green wallpapers on the bedroom walls relieve stress and create well-being. When we walk in the forest, we relax and release stress, so it's good to bring the green colors of nature into the bedroom as well. Additionally, green is said to combat nightmares, and we all wish for a good sleep in the bedroom.




Nobel Nymphs


Sandbergs Linnea wallpaper is calming, with small leaf patterns. The homely wallpaper adds warmth to the bedroom.
Sandberg's wallpaper Kristoffer with softly shaped tree groves is a tranquil wallpaper, perfect for the bedroom. The wallpaper is part of Sandberg's new collection Jordnära.

Rebel Walls mural wallpaper Vigor brings nature into the bedroom, but also a bit more color. A lively, yet calm wallpaper.

The bird wallpaper Nobel Nymphs from Littlephant is a serene wallpaper with swans swimming around in a lily pond.


4. Pink Bedroom Wallpapers for Comfort and Romance

Bedroom wallpapers in pink and red are romantic yet soothing. Pink is also said to calm and counteract anger. 

Summer Wind


Pink Dawn



The large-pattern mural wallpaper Summer Wind from Rebel Walls is very romantic with huge pink roses. Like a fantastic painting.

Littlephant's wallpaper Meadow is calm and serene with swaying straws. A safe bedroom wallpaper that is romantic and soothing.

Muraltapeten Pink Dawn from Rebel Walls with pink dawn light is absolutely fantastic and a very beautiful bedroom wallpaper.

Majvillan's wallpaper June is actually a children's room wallpaper, but it is not childish but rather very romantic with birds and flowers and also fits perfectly in adult bedrooms.


5. Wallpapers with Claw Create Intimacy

We continue on the romance theme. Sometimes we want the bedroom to be a place for more than sleep, and then perhaps the wallpapers on the wall can stimulate the imagination and bring out the wild beast in us.

Vinum Raspey


Zebra Skin


Rebel Walls mural wallpaper Vinum Raspey has a dense and romantic pattern of oak leaves, wild raspberries, and rhododendrons. 

Studio Lisa Bengtsson's mural wallpaper Firebird with stretching swans is untamed and exciting.

Eijffinger's wallpaper Zebra Skin and Harlequin's Nirmala both awaken the wild beast within us. 



6. Beige wallpapers create warmth in the bedroom

Beige wallpapers on the bedroom walls are neutral and relaxing. They give space for your thoughts and create a sense of calm and peace.


Thorn Rose


Twilight Landscape


Sandberg's mural wallpaper Morängen is dreamy and airy with watercolor-painted flowers. A calm wallpaper in beige shades that is perfect for the bedroom.

Rebel Walls' floral mural Thorn Rose is airy and romantic while being cool beige. A nice bedroom wallpaper.

The graphic wallpaper Igor from Sandberg has a soft pattern that feels calm and relaxing.

Boråstapeter's mural Twilight Landscape is magnificent with mountains and sky merging in brown and beige shades. In a bedroom with this wallpaper on the wall, thoughts can fly freely.


7. Gray wallpapers work wonders for sleep

Gray wallpapers, both in light and darker shades, make the bedroom harmonious and subdued. Additionally, gray tones on bedroom walls are said to work wonders for sleep; we definitely don't mind that.

Asian Pines





The minimalist mural wallpaper Asian Pines has a pattern hand-painted with blurry brush strokes. A harmonious bedroom wallpaper from Rebel Walls.

The graphic wallpaper Rajapur from Cole & Son is an old-fashioned paisley pattern wallpaper that works well as bedroom wallpaper in this gray shade.

The mural wallpaper Stillness creates peace of mind with watercolor-painted boulders in various sizes. The wallpaper is part of the collections Re:Create and Well Being from Rebel Walls, both of which focus on harmony and well-being and whose wallpapers are excellent as bedroom wallpapers.

The classic William Morris wallpaper Wandle was created back in the 1880s. It has a dense, undulating pattern and creates calm in the bedroom thanks to its repetitive pattern. 


8. Dark wallpapers make the bedroom cozy

By choosing dark wallpapers, you create a cozy and homely feeling. 



Bird Sonnet

Indigo Garden

Rebel Walls wallpaper Soho with delicate flowers on dark stripes creates a homely feeling in the bedroom.

Harlequins wallpaper Gardinum with flowers, blades of grass, and seedheads is perfect for those who want a black and white bedroom. Metallic accents add that extra touch.

If you want, you can use wallpaper as an artwork in the bedroom. The wallpaper Bird Sonnet from 1838 Wallcoverings becomes a beautiful painting for the headboard. With dark walls elsewhere, the room becomes cozy and beautiful.

Boråstapeter’s dark wallpaper Indigo Garden is imaginative and has Japanese influences. A stylish wallpaper that is the icing on the cake in a cozy bedroom.


9. Masculine wallpapers feel luxurious in the bedroom

A bedroom in muted colors, preferably with saturated and earthy tones, becomes harmonious and sober. With few colors, preferably matching tones, men also feel comfortable in the bedroom.

Pure Strawberry Thief


Chalk Mural


The Morris wallpaper Pure Strawberry Thief in gray has a dense pattern, but is still calm thanks to the subdued color palette. A harmonious bedroom.

The wallpaper Linnea from Sandberg is indeed floral, but not too much. With orange tones that pick up the colors of the flowers, it becomes a warm and cozy bedroom.

Boråstapeter’s mural wallpaper Chalk Mural has two colors. The wallpaper is warm and combined with brown and beige tones, the bedroom becomes cozy.

Eijffinger's animal skin wallpaper Giraffe in blue is masculine and lively, yet calm. Stylish in the bedroom!


10. Some tips for choosing bedroom wallpapers 

* In the bedroom, we want to relax. Choose calm and airy patterns. 

* Dark and murky walls create a cozy and homely atmosphere.

* Avoid yellow and orange in the bedroom. 

* Loud patterns are not a good idea where you sleep. However, solid-colored wallpapers work very well.

* Wallpapers with uneven surfaces, such as velvet wallpapers or wallpapers with linen textures, feel cozy and are perfect for the bedroom.


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