Wallpaper trends 2021 - blue and green wallpapers with nature-inspired patterns

Wallpaper trends 2021 - now we want color on the walls again. Blue wallpapers, green wallpapers, and yellow wallpapers. Since we can't travel, we dream of palm trees and exotic patterns.

Ingrid Marie sininen luonnonlaheinen tapetti Borastapeter 7651

Ingrid Marie from Boråstapeter is a beautiful blue wallpaper depicting the annual journey of the apple tree - from spring blossoms to sun-ripened apples and red autumn leaves.

2021 might be the year when white walls finally get replaced. We welcome color on wallpapers - navy blue and sea blue, but also calm green and cheerful yellow wallpapers. The patterns are large and eye-catching or smaller and calm - a matter of taste.

The nature-inspired theme continues to dominate - both with light wood furniture and floors, and in wallpaper patterns. We see many minimalistic homes in warm earth tones. Bright, good lighting and large windows are some of the really big trends right now. Sustainability and environmental thinking are no longer just one trend among many, but something that increasingly permeates the entire industry.

Blue in all shades is making a strong comeback among wallpapers. 

Temple Tree

The wallpaper Temple Tree from Boråstapeter is calm and poetic with stripped branches. The Asian influences are clear but with a Nordic touch.

Casablanca Afternoon


Dancing Crane

Casablanca Afternoon - a stylish palm wallpaper from Långelid/von Brömssen. 
Emilie - a romantic floral wallpaper from Sandberg.
Dancing Crane - a lively and densely patterned classic with dancing cranes from Engblad & Co and now also from Boråstapeter.

Green wallpapers bring us closer to nature. Forest green, olive green, and other subdued green shades are big favorites on the green scale.

Hares in Hiding

The wallpaper Hares in Hiding from Långelid/von Brömssen is an imaginative wallpaper with hares hiding among the leaves. The wallpaper is just as suitable in the kitchen and dining room as in the children's room.


Ink Bamboo

Umbrella Leaves

Eden - a small-patterned wallpaper with animals in a fairy-tale forest from Sandberg.
Ink Bamboo - a calm and airy wallpaper with delicate bamboo leaves from Boråstapeter.
Umbrella Leaves - a large-flowered, hand-drawn wallpaper from Boråstapeter.

Yellow is a vibrant color, that brings warmth into the home. The bright yellow color is now giving way to deeper yellow tones; the yellow-brown or yellow-orange is a big favorite among yellow wallpapers right now. Yellow in the utility room and hallway is a hot tip this year.

Hip Rose

The wallpaper Hip Rose is warmly ochre yellow with small flowers. The vintage wallpaper is a classic that gives a cozy feeling in places like the kitchen, bedroom, or children's room. From Boråstapeter.

Seasons By May



Seasons by May - a classic wallpaper with flowers and birds from Morris & Co.
Kelda - a small-patterned animal wallpaper from Scion. 
Willow - a classic, densely patterned leaf wallpaper from Morris & Co, which was created back in 1874 and still stands strong today.

We miss our travels around the world and instead bring home the exotic. Palm patterns on wallpapers are one of this year's clearest trends but jungle wallpapers are also still present, preferably with some animal among the leaves. 


The wallpaper Moa from Sandberg is exotic with monkeys, turtles, and peacocks among palms and beautiful flowers. The wallpaper fits in both the living room and the children's room.

Palm House

Palm Trees


Palm House - palm wallpaper with a modern pattern from Långelid/von Brömssen.
Palm Trees - palm wallpaper with stylized palm leaves in a regular pattern from Eijffinger.
Copacabana - palm wallpaper with a large, calm pattern from Boråstapeter.

Animal skin pattern wallpapers also evoke thoughts of warmer climates. Several major manufacturers are now launching new collections with skin patterns as a theme or at least as a visible element in their collections. 

Animal Dots

The wallpaper Animal Dots from Majvillan has a dotted, irregular pattern reminiscent of the leopard and cheetah's spots.



Zebra Skin

In Eijffinger's wallpaper collection Skin, there are many different, tough leather wallpapers. These wallpapers fit well in a teenager's tough room, but also in the bedroom or living room.

In the pictures Python, Zebra and the mural wallpaper Zebra Skin, all from Eijffinger.

Some trendsetters:

Twilight Landscape

Landscape - large patterns depicting an entire landscape. For example, Boråstapeter's Twilight Landscape.


Indigo Silk


Surprising Patterns - Coleslaw with cabbage leaves in a regular pattern, from Långelid/von Brömssen.
Fabric Feel Wallpapers - Indigo Silk that feels like rustling, flowing silk fabric, from Boråstapeter.
Domestic Classics - Vallila's classic patterns as wallpaper are never out of style. Here, Kelohonka with bare tree trunks in straight rows.


Most of the wallpapers above come in many different color variations.

Did you find your favorite among the selection above? If not, no panic. Wallpaper is not a throwaway commodity. Dare to be personal and follow your own taste when choosing wallpaper. 

Feel free to order wallpaper samples in Aveo's webshop, so you can get to know your favorites in peace, in the right environment and with the right decor. 


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