Interior Planning - Public Spaces


Our knowledgeable interior designers offer professional services for furnishing and designing public spaces. We understand that each space is unique and therefore strive to create solutions that maximize the usability and aesthetics of your spaces, while effectively communicating your company's brand and values.

Why choose us for interior design of public spaces?

By choosing us, you gain access to our experienced designers who are ready to assist you through all stages of the interior design project, from space mapping and room analysis to the creation of visual proposals and actionable plans. We collaborate with you and your team to ensure that the result meets both aesthetic and functional expectations.

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This is how we start with interior design for public spaces

Our first meeting, whether it takes place at our office or remotely, is always free of charge. This allows us to better understand the needs and design goals of your spaces without any obligations. After this initial assessment, we proceed with the collaboration either on an hourly basis or according to an agreed proposal, depending on the project's requirements and scope. Aveon's standard hourly rate is €106 (including VAT), and if we decide to begin designing right at the first meeting, the billing will follow the hourly rate.

Contact information and booking consultations

Are you ready to get started? Submit a request today to book a consultation or get more information about our services. We are happy to help create spaces that not only meet but exceed your expectations.