Acoustic planning


Does it echo in your home, school, or workplace?

The interior designer plans an acoustically optimal space based on the existing floor plan.

The planning includes:

Initial meeting on-site or digitally
Planning and placement of acoustic materials on the floor plan
Cutting images of the placement
Material cards
Cost estimation of the products
Review meeting 

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Noise is a nuisance that is countered by installing sound-absorbing materials on indoor surfaces. Rooms that echo are often large with high ceilings and hard materials like glass and stone, which prolongs the reverberation. Acoustics are not just for dampening sound; sometimes you want to highlight the sound. This is achieved by placing materials that reflect sound in addition to materials that dampen it.

Good acoustics increase work efficiency and well-being both at home and in the workplace.

Request a quote, and we will plan an acoustically optimal environment together.