Pihlgren & Ritola - Finnish wallpaper with a long tradition

Are you looking for old-fashioned wallpaper or want to carry out renovations using traditional methods and materials? If so, it's highly likely that Pihlgren & Ritola's traditional paper wallpapers are a perfect fit for your home. We have delved into the history of this Finnish wallpaper manufacturer and found our own favorite wallpapers.

Pihlgren Ritola suosituimmat tapetit


1. Orange – A True Retro Gem

The retro wallpaper Orange was designed in the 1950s. This popular, fresh orange wallpaper is a vibrant splash of color for a kitchen, for example. This old-fashioned wallpaper belongs to the Retro collection and is found in many homes.

The Retro collection is like a time travel from the 1950s to the 1970s. The collection features the wallpaper factory's most nostalgic patterns from different decades. Examples include Snowflake, Magic Night, Oak Leaf, and Plywood.


Night of the Larks.

2. Night of the Larks – A Beloved Bird Wallpaper from 1958

The floral bird wallpaper Night of the Larks was created by Finnish Birger Kaipiainen in 1958. The wallpaper is one of the best-selling Pihlgren & Ritola paper wallpapers in Aveo’s selection and belongs to the Artist collection.

Birger Kaipiainen is known for his fruit, flower, and bird porcelains, and the Paratiisi, Apila, and Sunnuntai series are among his works. He designed the bird wallpapers Night of the Larks and The Most Beautiful of the Larks wallpapers for Pihlgren & Ritola's design competition. More about the design competition below.





3. Lock – A Floral Art Nouveau Wallpaper

Lock wallpaper features a dense and regular floral pattern that is simultaneously twisting and stripy. This Art Nouveau-inspired wallpaper belongs to the Classic Wallpapers collection, and for some colors, to the Special Edition Wallpapers collection.

The Classic Wallpapers collection includes wallpapers from different eras and styles, from neoclassical and Art Nouveau to Renaissance revival. Here you will find, for example, the empire wallpaper Ducal Court, Art Nouveau wallpapers Water Lily, Art Nouveau Season and Art Nouveau Tulip, Gustavian Romance and Bow, Biedermeier wallpaper Mainiemi Manor and many more.


Midsummer Rose

4. Midsummer Rose – A Romantic Floral Wallpaper

The elegant floral wallpaper Midsummer Rose is one of Pihlgren & Ritola's classics. Finnish artist and designer Ritva Kronlund, who worked for Pihlgren & Ritola, is the designer of this stunning wallpaper. She has also designed the Space Bird, Butterfly, Panther, and Rock 'n Roll wallpapers.


Meadow Buttercup

5. Meadow Buttercup – A Wonderfully Summery Floral Wallpaper

When dandelions bloom, the summer vibe is perfect. The fresh and airy Meadow Buttercup wallpaper is the work of Ritva Kronlund. For Pihlgren & Ritola, wallpapers are more than just beautiful surface treatments. They are everyday art and joy of interior design at its best. Another classic of the same style found in many Finnish homes is the floral wallpaper Cherry Tree.


William's Vine

6. William's Vine – An Art Nouveau Wallpaper in Morris Style

The medallion wallpaper William’s Vine (previously in the style of William Morris) is clearly inspired by the British Morris & CO. This large-patterned and beautiful medallion wallpaper is available in five different shades. Manor House is also a beautiful Renaissance-inspired medallion wallpaper.





7. Paradise – A Graphic Retro Wallpaper

The Paradise wallpaper is also the work of Ritva Kronlund and was designed in the 1970s. The wallpaper reflects the spirit of the era, bringing to mind the aesthetics and color play of past decades. The old-fashioned bird wallpaper has a graphically symmetrical, retro-styled floral and leaf pattern. The wallpaper is available in six different shades.



8. Hyacinth – A Classically Floral Paper Wallpaper

The Hyacinth wallpaper is inspired by Art Nouveau style, offering a dense and regular pattern that creates a sense of harmony and balance. Its sophisticated design honours the elegance and richness of details from the Art Nouveau era. This beautiful wallpaper is more than just wall decoration – it is an artistic interpretation that transforms every room into an aesthetic experience. Hyacinth is available in four color options, allowing you to choose the shade that best complements your home and personal style!


Swiss Pine

9. Swiss Pine – A Nature-Inspired Wallpaper for the Forest Lover

Swiss Pine is a retro wallpaper that glows with the raw beauty of nature, inspired by the majestic Swiss pine towering in the Alps and Carpathians. Its detailed images of cones, branches, and long needles create the feeling of being in a lush forest. This forest wallpaper is more than just a beautiful wall decoration – it is a tribute to nature's wild beauty. Bring the calming atmosphere of the forest into your home with the Swiss Pine wallpaper!



10. Roosters – A Retro Wallpaper with Flowers and Birds

The floral wallpaper Roosters, adorned with flowers and birds, is a source of joy and vitality for any room. Its distinct 1970s nuances evoke nostalgia while adding a modern touch. This wallpaper is more than just a wall decoration – it is an expressive design that lifts spirits and creates a positive ambiance. Roosters are available in three vibrant colors. Why not explore the options and see which one best suits your home!


About Pihlgren & Ritola

  • Pihlgren & Ritola has been manufacturing handmade ecological paper wallpapers since 1930. All wallpapers are manufactured from start to finish in Toijala's Akaa, using traditional printing methods and with great passion.
  • Fritjof Pihlgren and Matti Ritola acquired a used rotary printing press and started wallpaper production on Fritjof's father's premises. Initially, the selection included less than 20 wallpaper models, and the duo handled a significant portion of the printing themselves. The wallpapers quickly gained popularity, and the factory grew.
  • In 1937, a new brick-colored factory building was inaugurated in the beautiful cultural landscape by Nahkialanlampi.
  • In 1957, the factory was expanded, and at the same time, the machinery was updated. Most of the large rotary printing presses acquired at that time are still in use today. This wallpaper factory is one of the last of its kind in Finland. Pihlgren & Ritola's wallpapers and their artisanal production are part of our living cultural heritage.


Space Bird in print
Night of the Larks in print


  • Wallpaper manufacturing is done in three stages. First, the wallpaper base color is printed with a separate printing press, often the batch is even two kilometers long. Once the base color has dried, the pattern is printed with a rotary printing press - different pattern rollers print their part of the overall design. Once all colors and patterns are in place, the wallpaper is air-dried, in long folds hanging from the factory's ceiling. Finally, the wallpaper is rolled onto a large roll and post-processed. After that, the wallpaper is cut into ten-meter lengths and rolled for sale. Pre-preparation, fine-tuning, and old printing presses require great craftsmanship.
  • In the 1950s, numerous design competitions were held, especially the one in 1958 is a true classic. The competition was attended by invited trendy designers, such as Birger Kaipiainen, Rut Bryk ((Phoenix Bird, Apollo), Erik Bruun (Johann Sebastian, Linneus), Jukka Pellinen (Bownet, Assyria), Lisa Johansson-Pape (Poikilo, Arki and