The Österbotten Tray Pink


The Österbotten tray in pink is romantic and calm, taking us to the Ostrobothnian spring with blooming apple trees. A lovely gift from Ostrobothnia and for Ostrobothnians. The tray is designed by Sofie Staffans-Lytz. 


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plywood, birch
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dishwasher safe
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31 cm
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Colors for us Ostrobothnians
The yellow tray represents the drive within us Ostrobothnians, our forward-thinking spirit, and "can-do attitude."

The red tray is inspired by the red color of our traditional Ostrobothnian farmhouses. A genuine red tray.

The deep gray, stone gray tray symbolizes the persistence, fighting spirit, stability, and security that exist here.

The pink tray was created during the spring when the pink apple blossoms were in full bloom in Ostrobothnia. The pink tray is a romantic and soothing element in our Ostrobothnia series. It was initially a limited edition, but due to its great popularity, it is now part of the standard range.

The green tray stands for the forest - green spruces - and the closeness to nature.

The blue tray, now discontinued, represented the proximity to the sea. The blue one elevates the wooden boat present in all trays, and at the same time, provides the swallows with a blue sky to sail through.

The backside of all trays comes with a clear statement of our belief, namely that Ostrobothnia is one of the best places on earth.

More about the motif
Barn swallows fly, apple blossoms, cloudberry leaves, and a wooden boat await their guests. All in a comfortably accepting style. Just the way we want it here in Ostrobothnia.