The Magical World of Minimighettos coloring book

Mrs Mighetto

Mrs. Mighettos The Magical World of Minimighettos is a coloring book for all friends of Minimighettos. Here you will find pictures of Noah, Agnes, Lucas, Viola, and many more familiar characters. Color the beautiful pictures in any colors, the coloring book is suitable for all ages! 32 pages.



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Sixten had received the very best letter –
he was needed at court and the sooner the better.
His help with keys and locks was forever sought,
in every town and country court.

Of all the gifts that could be found,
as a talented key master Sixten was crowned.

Sixten lifted a golden chest out his magic hat and said:
“My task is to convince the Queen, that this one is better instead.”

“Now it’s that serious, my inner voice I can hear,
and when I listen properly, it says the answers are already clear”.