Mrs Mighettos wonderful children's posters - favorites in My Tiny Theatre

Mrs. Mighetto's collection My Tiny Theatre includes posters with new cute favorites for children's rooms. The picture book 123 and memory cards for the baby's first year are also included.

Mrs Mighettos härliga barnposters - nya favoriter I My Tiny Theatre


Posters of Miss Lucy, Miss Hazel, Mr John, Mr Frank, Miss Poppy and Miss Edda all fit perfectly on the wall in children's rooms. 

Take Miss Poppy as an example, she rides on the back of a rabbit and is surrounded by sweet flowers. 

Each character has their own story, here is Miss Poppy's: 

”… Poppy is a flower in a different costume, she lives in the soil, drinks water, and grows from warmth and light. She is the bridge between us and nature, the missing link that can now tell us what our Earth really needs. She measures the air and can communicate its needs. She is important for the future, perhaps our most important advocate ever.”

The posters for children's rooms come in three different sizes, and both portrait and landscape formats. 

The collection also includes books, garlands, and memory cards in addition to posters.

The picture book 123 is perfect for the little child who has just started to take an interest in numbers. With lovely illustrations, it becomes fun to learn to count to ten. How about two cycling Mr. Johns, three fish, four balls in the air... nine flying birds and ten shining stars?

Or why not a 123-poster with numbers 0 to 10?

Baby’s First Year Cards are memory cards for the baby's first year. With 24 different cards, parents, or why not someone else close to the baby, can note all those special moments that you want to remember.

The cards are perfect for the parent who wants to keep memories but doesn't quite have the energy to fill out an entire baby book. And super cute pictures too, perfect to frame and hang on the wall or place in a photo album with plastic pockets so you can see both the card and read what is written on the back. 

The garlands Paper Friends add that little extra with our sweet friends from My Tiny Theatre. They can be hung as bunting, attached to the wall, become a nice decoration on a gift or cake, or something entirely different. 

Mrs. Mighetto's products, as always, come in limited editions. Once a product is sold out, it is sold out forever.