Silent Socks

Silent Socks is a Swedish company that creates furniture pads for steel tube chairs. With Silent Socks, the chair glides easily, which means you avoid scraping noises, floor scratches, stubborn stains, and heavy lifting. The furniture pads also dampen the sound.

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Silent Socks

Silent Socks Original

Silent Socks Original is specially designed for smooth floors like linoleum, vinyl, and smooth lacquered parquet floors, as protection for furniture feet. The outer shell is made of felted wool combined with an inner support part made of rubber. Smooth floors are often found in schools, care spaces, but also in private homes and offices.

Silent Socks HD

Silent Socks HD (Heavy Duty) is the answer for rougher floors with joints or seams, such as ceramic tiles, stone floors, textured laminate, or old lacquered parquet floors. The HD model is made of a mixture of synthetic materials and a small amount of wool, which is adapted for heavy wear on these types of floors.

Choose the right protection for furniture feet:

For smooth floors: We recommend Silent Socks Original.

For floors with joints or seams: We recommend Silent Socks HD.

For oiled floors or floors treated with WearMax: We do not recommend the use of Silent Socks furniture pads.

How to measure:

Silent Socks fit chairs with tubular steel legs, wooden legs, and also many square or rectangular legs. They can also be used for table legs. Measure the diameter of the chair or table leg to determine the right size.

Choose your Silent Socks model carefully depending on your floor type and enjoy a long-lasting solution to noise problems. Silent Socks are made in Sweden, which supports local production and development, and offers shorter transportation routes and good oversight of quality.