Cole & Son

Since 1875, Cole & Son has been at the forefront of creating wallpapers that not only decorate walls but also tell stories, inspire, and bring a magical atmosphere to every room. Cole & Son wallpapers are renowned for their unique style and quality, built on centuries of accumulated knowledge and traditional manufacturing methods. Whether it's decorating historical buildings like Buckingham Palace or furnishing a modern home, Cole & Son offers beloved patterns such as the Woods birch wallpaper, Cow Parsley, and Palm Leaves, which bring spaces to life. Cole & Son wallpapers are more than just wall coverings; they are artworks that add depth, color, and character to any space. Invite history and art into your home by choosing a Cole & Son wallpaper from Aveo's online store. Explore our range and find the perfect wallpaper that tells your story on your walls.

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Cole & Son

The company was founded by John Perry in North London in 1875. He opened a wallpaper factory in 1883. Perry's company was acquired by AP Cole, and the company Cole & Son was established in 1941. In the 1950s and 1960s, some of the most famous patterns, such as Woods and Palm Leaves, were created - stylish and popular wallpapers even today.

Cole & Son has a passion for high-quality design. Cole & Son has collaborated with Italian Fornasetti and South African Ardmore Ceramic Art, among others.