Wallpaper Trends 2020 - Personal, Stylish, and Timeless

Wallpaper 2020 - personal is trendy. Wallpapers in 2020 are calm and serene. Flowers, nature, and elegance take place on the walls - harmony and rest are the key themes.

Tapettrender 2020 - personliga, stilfulla och tidlösa

Is 2020 the year when we've seriously stopped caring about trends and think more about what we personally like and can live with for a long time? Is this the year when sustainability and environmental thinking truly take over?

We choose calm, harmonious wallpapers that bring peace to the soul. We are so stressed that we want to breathe out and relax when we are at home.

One option is to choose almost plain wallpapers with patterns that still give the wall life. 

Edvin from Sandberg’s new collection Ett hem is small patterned with geometric rhombuses. Golden Marble from Boråstapeter’s new collection Graceful Stories is marbled and elegant with tones of shimmering gold.

Another marbled wallpaper is Royal from Engblad & Co. Available in five color options, here in gray.

Also, Mirage from Boråstapeter, with a graphic pattern with subtle, undulating lines, feels almost monochromatic. It is calm and luxurious with a touch of Asia.


Boråstapeter’s Shades Terra gives the impression of a softly painted lime wall. Affinity from Harlequin is horizontally striped and gives the room depth.

In the Nordics, nature and the seasons are constantly present. This means that floral wallpapers are always right. Beautiful flowers, trees, leaves - some so true to nature that they can be mistaken for a photograph, others stylized and simple or with a graphic touch.

Boråstapeter’s Dawn with light, watercolor-painted flowers on a warm white background is a dreamy and peaceful wallpaper. Ginkgo, also from Boråstapeter, is a luxurious wallpaper with a pearly shimmer. The pattern is dense but still airy and mild. 

A few years ago, Sandberg introduced the watercolor-painted wallpaper Lo, which is lively yet calm and airy and a good example of timeless wallpaper that survives trend shifts. Raphaël is a large-patterned tree wallpaper from Sandberg. It is available in eight different color options, from the sheerest white and light blue-gray to deep red and yellow. The wallpaper has grown in popularity, and new colors have been added. 

Finnish Sandudd presents several beautiful, calm nature wallpapers. Here is one in pink with apple blossom. The picture also illustrates how different wallpapers can be combined, below is a lace wallpaper. Both are part of the Decor Maison Belle collection.

From sheer pastel-colored wallpapers, we move on to green, which we like to keep constantly present in our decor. 

Arashiyama from Sandberg is an exciting wallpaper with Asian influences. Here, the sparse bamboo forest climbs the wall.

In Sandberg’s interpretation of Ginkgo - the Chinese temple tree that symbolizes long life and strength, hope, and peace - the tree's branches climb up the walls in a decorative branchwork. If we want to stay with Nordic tree species, we can choose Pine, with pine branches filling the wall and bringing the forest into our homes.

For those who want to combine different green wallpapers, here is a suggestion with sheer Hassel in the foreground and rich Ek in the distant room. Combining different wallpapers works very well, as long as the color tones collaborate.

We stay in nature, but now take a look at landscape wallpapers, murals, which are becoming very popular. It’s like letting the wall become an extension of Nordic nature. 

Sandberg has the wallpapers Gryning and Skymning, as well as Midnatt in two shades.

From Sandberg also comes Skog and Vinterskog, one in a muted green and the other in hazy white.

Boråstapeter’s counterpart to mural wallpaper with a landscape theme is Horizon, here we are really talking about archipelago feeling and summer. This wallpaper can extend the archipelago life year-round.