Mr Tom & Flying boat 2 pack lasten juliste

Mrs Mighetto

Mrs Mighetton Mr Tom & Flying boat 2 pack lastenhuoneen poster. Aseta Mr Tom ja Flying boat julisteet lastenhuoneen seinälle ja ne piristävät lastenhuonetta ihan uudella tavalla! Psst, sopii hyvin myös passaepartoutin kanssa! 


Tuotekoodi: PO-LS-TOMBOAT-1824-2P
42,40 €
53,00 €
Tekniset tiedot
Materiaali: 200 g Munken Polar Rough matta paperi
Kokoelma: The Lake Stories
Leveys: 18 cm
Korkeus: 24 cm
Muut tiedot: 2-pack, lanseerattu 04/2018, limited edition - tätä tuotetta on tehty vain tämä erä
Valmistusmaa: Ruotsi
Aveo Magazine
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... The Flying Boat was the first one that these ingenious Sea Makers constructed after the Story Hunters evil attack. The ship can travel at the speed of light and is the only vehicle that can pass through the portal to and from the lake. The boat constantly sails across the surface followed by an entourage of small guard boats.

...Mr Tom is the last dragon to be born by the lake. He was one of four dragons who survived. Tom symbolises strength and hope. When the guards of the lake see Tom, they’re confident there will be more eggs in the lake, and hopeful that the dragons’ time is not over.