Water Crew kortti 2-pack

Mrs Mighetto

Mrs Mighetton Water Crew  koriti tuovat ehdottomasti hymyn huulille. Korttipakkaus sisältää kaksi erillaista A6- kokoista korttia. 

Varastossa, postitus seuraavana arkipäivänä
10,00 €
Tekniset tiedot
300 g matta paperi
Ocean Kids
10 cm
15 cm
Muut tiedot:
lanseerattu 10/2019, limited edition - tätä tuotetta on tehty vain tämä erä
Aveo Magazine
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Mrs Mighetto, land of birds
Mrs Mighetto, Land of birds


…The wind sweeps slowly by. It’s calmer now. The brave bunch of ocean kids have fallen asleep, the waves have rocked them into a deep slumber. A bunch of kids brought together by fate, which only exists thanks to their gifts. The little group survived when breeze became storm and when dew became monsoon.  A time when strength was needed and magic was indispensable.


Some can breathe freely, in air as in water. Others can conjure up food. Some know the art of healing, understanding, changing and transforming. One can travel at the speed of light, while another can make time stand still. All talents that together make up our army of ocean kids, our new heroes that live aboard the ship S/Y Ocean.