Ecru lime paint


Kalklitir Ecru is a light and pleasant beige color, inspired by natural, untreated, and unbleached linen. This color is perfect for those seeking a soft and warm shade of beige. Ecru adds a very comfortable and inviting feeling to any room, making it ideal for both classic and modern interiors. Its neutral character allows it to be easily combined with other colors to create a harmonious and balanced expression.

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Product Code:
49,00 €
lime-based paint
Environment & labels:
ecological lime, VOC-free
Care instructions:
wipe with a dry cloth
Country of manufacture:
Other information:
1 kg lime powder + 1.7 l water makes 2 liters of paint - enough to paint approx. 8 m² twice, 500g lime powder + 850ml water gives 1 liter of lime paint - enough to paint approximately 4 m² twice
500 g, 1 kg
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