Forest lime paint


Kalklitir Forest is a darker and more intense version of our popular Oliva color. It is a medium-strong tone with a subtle grayish undertone that works exceptionally well with other neutral, earthy colors. Forest is excellent for creating a deep, rich, and simultaneously soothing atmosphere in your home, perfect for evoking a sense of nature and tranquility in your living space.

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Product Code:
49,00 €
lime-based paint
Environment & labels:
ecological lime, VOC-free
Care instructions:
wipe with a dry cloth
Country of manufacture:
Other information:
500g lime powder + 850ml water gives 1 liter of lime paint - enough to paint approximately 4 m² twice, 1 kg lime powder + 1.7 l water makes 2 liters of paint - enough to paint approx. 8 m² twice
500 g, 1 kg
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