Amare sculpture


Amare reaches for the sky and carries the message that love, children, and life are the most important things. Amare represents the innocent perspective that children have on the world and the fundamental values that all people should possess - love, respect, and acceptance. Amare is a person who reminds us of the importance of loving and respecting ourselves and others. They also symbolize the joy and enthusiasm present in children, which we should all strive to preserve within ourselves. 


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Care instructions:
wipe with a damp cloth
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9 cm
10 cm


Aveo proudly presents the series Omnes Idonei - a collection of beautiful sculptures that celebrate self-love and acceptance. The name emphasizes the series' theme of loving and accepting ourselves just as we are, which is more relevant than ever in the hectic world we live in today.

Together with Iggi Design from Nykarleby, we have created a series of sculptures that remind us that we are all good just as we are. These sculptures serve as a reminder that it is okay to make mistakes, it is okay not to be perfect, and that we all deserve to be loved and respected for who we are.

Each sculpture in the series has a unique character and a strong message. Elis and Alva stand for kindness and empathy, Tora for the fight for justice and equality, and Amare for children's innocent view of the world. These sculptures are perfect for reminding us of our value and uniqueness every day.

Place these sculptures on your desk, in the living room, or on a shelf as a daily reminder that you are good just as you are. They also make a perfect gift for someone who needs a reminder of their own strength and worth.

Give yourself or someone else a gift of self-love and acceptance with the Omnes Idonei series. It is an investment in a positive self-image and a reminder that you are valuable and good just as you are.