Acoustic Artwork Tiles


Create an acoustic-friendly atmosphere with ACOUSTIC ARTWORK's "tiles" that absorb ambient noise, reduce echo, and enhance your room's comfort. Transform your office walls into vibrant artworks; with five unique shapes and multiple sizes, Narbutas' acoustic tiles not only foster creativity but also define your company's image. Whether it's workspaces, lounge zones, or corridors, these panels offer a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, creating peaceful oases ideal for concentration and relaxation.


The acoustic tiles come in various shapes: squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and diamonds, all available in two different sizes. See detailed sizes in the images. 

The tiles come in a range of colors and can be matched according to your preferences and needs. Color options can be seen in the images. 

The tiles are available in three-pack, five-pack, or ten-pack and come in two different thicknesses. The base price is for three or five tiles. 


Feel free to ask for a quote so we can tailor a unique solution to your needs. 

Product Code:
Backorder, shipped in 4-6 weeks
55,00 €
pet blanket from recycled consumer plastic
Environment & labels:
made from recycled material
Care instructions:
rinse with plenty of water - do not rub, vacuuming
Country of manufacture:
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Manufactured with over 50% recycled plastic and part of the circular economy, these panels combine environmental responsibility with elegant design. PET felt, known for its excellent sound-absorbing capabilities, is also fire-resistant, easy to clean, and offers a wool-like feel, making them ideal for modern offices that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.