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William Morris wallpapers are renowned for their high quality and floral patterns. Pimpernel and Strawberry Thief are two of the most famous Morris designs. Morris wallpapers are loved for their well-thought-out designs, even though they were created as early as the 19th century without today's pattern planning software. Morris & Co is a British design company with a long history. The company was founded as early as 1861 by William Morris.

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William Morris is a legendary designer with many famous patterns. He was born in 1834 in the countryside of Essex, England. It was also in nature that he sought inspiration and found patterns and shapes that he then developed further. Today it has been 160 years since most of his creations saw the light of day, but they still feel fresh and fit into many contemporary homes. 

William Morris worked a lot with repetition, symmetry, and structure. He didn't want the pattern repetition to take focus from the actual pattern, but to offer calm and order. His first wallpaper Trellis was designed in 1862 and Daisy was the first wallpaper to be printed. Many of the wallpapers have floral patterns, but they are not copies of reality; rather, he saw the beauty and imagination in the patterns.