Stylish kitchen lamps - do more than illuminate your kitchen!

Popular kitchen lamps - favorites right now. Wall lamps fit well in the kitchen.

Snygga kökslampor - gör mer än lyser upp ditt kök!

There have been significant developments in lighting and kitchens in recent years. Previously, people had a lamp over the table and fluorescent tubes under the kitchen cabinets and nothing more. Today, we see how various types of lighting are mixed, and often, part of the lighting serves as stylish interior design elements.

Two of these favorites are Bazar from By Rydens and House Doctors Game lamps. These stylish fixtures fit into many different interior styles.

The image below shows Game in a black and white color scheme. Besides black, it is also available in dark gray and brass. 

Keittiön valaisimet House Doctor Game

Another kitchen favorite is Bazar.

Thanks to its adjustable design and substantial length of 122.5 cm, the light can be directed exactly where it’s needed. 

Keittiön valaisimet, seinävalaisin bazar by rydens

By Rydens Bazar is available in black and white with us.

A wall lamp often gives a lift to kitchen decor and is excellent as task lighting.

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