Are you trying to find the best wallpaper for your home? Answer these questions to find the right one!


Choosing the right wallpaper can be a challenge, with so many options to choose from. Gain insight into what you should consider before purchasing wallpaper and create a wall decoration that truly reflects your style and personality. Explore factors like budget, the purpose of the room, patterns, colors, and material choices to make the best decision for your home. Here are 10 example questions that may be worth asking yourself before buying wallpaper for your home;

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1. Your wallpaper budget

Consider your budget and opt for high-quality wallpapers. A wallpaper often adorns the walls for many years, and if the quality is good, the wallpapers remain nice for a longer time. If you think the wallpapers should stay up for 10-20 years, the annual cost of a more expensive wallpaper is also not so high.

2. Which room are you wallpapering?

A living room wallpaper can look like anything – do you want the wallpaper to be a focal point and something out of the ordinary, or perhaps subtly elegant? A kitchen wallpaper is often cozy and homely, the kitchen is the room where we socialize and enjoy time with family. A bedroom wallpaper is calm and harmonious, here both body and soul should rest. A children's room wallpaper can be cheerful and vibrant and spark the imagination. Consider which room you are wallpapering and what atmosphere you want to create there.

3. Do all wallpapers work everywhere?

When it comes to choosing wallpapers, it is important to consider which room you plan to wallpaper. While most wallpapers can fit in most rooms, there are some factors to consider when it comes to wet areas like bathrooms. The bathroom has high humidity and requires special wallpapers that can withstand these conditions. In Aveo's selection, you will not find a specific "wet room wallpaper", but there are many options that can work well in guest bathrooms or other spaces without direct contact with water.

4. What kind of wallpaper do you want?

It is important to start thinking about your own needs and desires. When it comes to choosing wallpapers for your home, think about which style and pattern appeal to you the most. Floral wallpapers give a fresh and natural atmosphere, geometric patterns give a modern touch, animal wallpapers add personality, and vintage or retro wallpapers give a charming feel.

Choose a wallpaper that creates the desired atmosphere in the room. A wallpaper that reflects you as a person makes your home more personal and, above all, more you. Let the wallpapers become an important part of your home decorating project and create a unique and personal atmosphere in your home.

5. What color do you want on the wallpaper?

 Blue wallpapers create a relaxed atmosphere. Green wallpapers bring calm. Pink wallpapers offer comfort and romance. Beige wallpapers create warmth. Gray wallpapers subdue and bring harmony. Yellow wallpapers brighten up and warm.

6. Wallpaper a wall or the whole room?

Photo wallpapers and wallpapers with plenty of color and large, eye-catching patterns often work well on one wall in the room, preferably in combination with calm and neutral wallpapers on the other walls. Calm wallpapers and wallpapers with small patterns can be advantageously wallpapered on all walls in the room.

7. Do you choose non-woven wallpaper or paper wallpaper?

With non-woven wallpapers, the wallpaper glue is applied directly to the wall. With paper wallpapers, the glue is applied to the wallpaper and allowed to swell for a while before the wallpaper is hung.

8. Are you looking for vinyl wallpapers?

In Aveo's selection, there is also a small number of vinyl wallpapers. Vinyl wallpapers have a coated surface and are more moisture-resistant than other wallpapers. However, the wallpapers should still not be used in wet rooms as they do not meet the wet room standard.

9. Who will do the wallpapering?

Are you wallpapering yourself or is a professional doing the job? If you are a beginner and wallpapering yourself for the first time, it may be worth choosing a non-woven wallpaper that has a clear pattern repetition and is easy to place correctly or a wallpaper that lacks pattern repetition. If you are already a pro or let a wallpaperer handle the job, you can choose freely among the patterns!

10. Invest in wallpaper samples!

Buy wallpaper samples of the wallpapers you are interested in. Then you can see the wallpaper's colors and the size of the pattern in your actual environment. In Aveo's webshop, you can buy wallpaper samples in A4 size of a wide selection of wallpapers with direct delivery.


In summary, it is important to be thorough and think through your choices before buying wallpapers for your home. Consider your budget, the purpose of the room, style, colors, type of wallpaper, and method of wallpapering. By making well-considered decisions, you will create a beautiful and harmonious interior that you can enjoy for a long time. Good luck with your choice of wallpaper and enjoy the new look in your home!