Flower forest wallpaper

Mrs Mighetto

"Flower Forest" wallpaper is a playful pattern for the children's room. All the fantastic little figures of the forest fit perfectly in a room filled with imagination and play. Flowers, leaves, birds, mice, and small checkered umbrellas in a decorative mix against a deep earth-colored background. And of course, party hats as well, because life is a party, right? At least in Flower Forest.

Product Code:
35,00 €
Children's wallpaper
Non woven
Environment & labels:
FSC-certified, non-toxic, VOC-free
Country of manufacture:
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The wallpaper is manufactured according to the dimensions, so we need the measurements of the wall you are going to wallpaper. The manufacturer recommends adding 5 cm both in height and width as a safety margin in case the walls are not completely straight and symmetrical.

The minimum order quantity is 3 square meters.