Gysingesåpa pump bottle


The linseed oil soap from Gysinge is perfect for stone and wood surfaces because it both cleans and re-oils at the same time, even with cold water. Gysinge soap is used for kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and is perfect for traditional scrub floors.

Gysinge soap is fatty, with a high content of fatty acids. It is made from high-quality linseed oil. The soap is smooth in consistency because the glycerol released is allowed to remain.

The soap is available both as a pump bottle and a spray bottle. The contents of the pump bottle are mixed with water before use.


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water, bottle made from recycled plastic, 20-30% saponified linseed oil
Environment & labels:
easily biodegradable, Nordic Swan Ecolabel
500 ml


Dosage in about 10 liters of cold water

0.25 dl - for all lightly soiled surfaces and floors made of wood, stone, and tiles

0.5 dl - for all normally soiled surfaces and floors made of wood, stone, and tiles, as well as for decking and garden furniture.

2 dl - for traditional floor scrubbing treatment.