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The wallpaper factory Pihlgren & Ritola is a traditional Finnish wallpaper manufacturer, founded in 1930. The factory produces high-quality paper wallpapers using traditional printing techniques, where the importance of craftsmanship is preserved in every step of the manufacturing process. The collections include old-fashioned wallpapers, retro wallpapers, and classic traditional wallpapers with over 80 models from different decades. Among them are the "Kiurujen yö" bird wallpaper, the "Kirsikkapuu" floral wallpaper, and the "Appelsiini" wallpaper, which have brought joy to homes for decades. Pihlgren & Ritola combines Finnish design heritage with craftsmanship, offering unique wallpapers that transform art and interior design into a part of everyday life.

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Pihlgren & Ritola

Pihlgren & Ritola was founded in 1930 by Fritjof Pihlgren and Matti Ritola. Today, the wallpaper factory is located in Akaa, Toijala, south of Tampere. All paper wallpapers are manufactured here from start to finish and can be considered a living cultural heritage.

Designers such as Birger Kaipiainen, Rut Bryk, Erik Bruun, Lisa Johansson-Pape, and Annikki and Ilmari Tapiovaara participated in a design competition in the 1950s to promote Finnish wallpaper export - many of their competition patterns are included in Pihlgren & Ritola's artist collection.

The wallpapers are printed using traditional techniques with glue colors. A large part of the work is done by hand.