Majvillan has wonderful playful wallpapers. Decorate your home with playful, colorful wallpapers from Majvillan. The wallpaper patterns are like a fairy tale and allow both children and adults to dream away into the wonderful world of play.

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Majvillan's first wallpaper collection was launched in 2013. The children's wallpapers are imaginative and spread joy in every child's room. Majvillan's founder Charlotta Sandberg creates the patterns. She is inspired by emotions, colors, and all things beautiful. Majvillan is known for its solid work with color combinations.

Majvillan's sustainable and environmentally friendly wallpapers are printed in Sweden. They are of non-woven quality, free from solvents and PVC. The colors are water-based and all waste is taken care of.

From Majvillan, you can also find wonderful cushions, blankets, bedding, and posters. The textiles are made from organic cotton and Fairtrade certified. The posters are printed at an environmentally friendly printing house and are Swan-labeled.