Designers Guild

Designers Guild offers a large and diverse range of high-quality wallpapers. These extensive collections include graphic wallpapers, luxurious wallpapers, floral wallpapers, and elegant striped wallpapers. Aveo is a retailer of Designers Guild's wallpapers.

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Designers Guild

Designers Guild was founded in 1970 by Tricia Guild. The company's business idea is to combine high quality with innovation and creativity. Today, the company is owned by Tricia Guild and her brother Simon Jeffreys.

Tricia Guild is known, among other things, for her books on colors, shapes, and patterns, and Designers Guild is often awarded in various design contexts.

The company now also includes wallpapers from Ralph Lauren and Christian Lacroix.

The majority of Designers Guild's products are made from natural fibers and are recyclable. The colors used are water-based, vegan, and low-VOC.