Home staging is a way to speed up the sale

If the property you are selling is neat, nicely decorated, and well cleaned, it is easier to sell. It often pays off to freshen up the property before the sales process begins. Aveo can help.

Bostadsstajling är ett sätt att påskynda försäljningen

Over the years, we at Aveo have conducted extensive interior design planning, but we have also worked on styling apartments for sale. Successful styling can speed up the apartment's selling time. When it comes to sales styling, we aim to highlight the apartment's best features with small details, create a homely feeling, and also come up with ideas for furnishing the apartment.

Since it can be challenging to try to furnish an apartment in your mind, sales styling creates a finished proposal of a possible final result.

Our partner Lemminkäinen has ordered styling for some of their properties in the Vasa area. This time it was Asunto Oy Laihian Myllyhovi, which includes two five-story apartment buildings with open views. 

Get to know the apartment here.