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Choosing Wallpapers – Ten Tips Before You Buy

Choosing wallpapers for your home can be challenging. There are many different types of wallpapers, and just as many patterns and colors as there are wallpapers.  Moreover, there are numerous trends. However, you are the one who needs to like the wallpapers in your home, so trust your gut feeling and choose the wallpaper that truly appeals to you. It pays off to familiarize yourself with the selection thoroughly before making your decision. Consider the following points carefully:

  1. What budget do you have for your wallpapers? It's worth investing in high-quality wallpapers. A wallpaper often adorns the walls for many years, and if the quality is good, the wallpapers will stay nice for a longer time. If you plan for the wallpapers to stay up for 10-20 years, the annual cost of a more expensive wallpaper is not that high.
  2. Which room are you going to wallpaper? A living room wallpaper can look any way you like – do you want the wallpaper to be an eye-catcher and something out of the ordinary, or perhaps subtly elegant? A kitchen wallpaper is often cozy and homely, as the kitchen is the room where we socialize and feel comfortable with family. A bedroom wallpaper is calm and harmonious, providing rest for both body and soul. A children's room wallpaper can be cheerful and lively, sparking the imagination.
  3. Do all wallpapers fit everywhere? Most wallpapers are suitable for all rooms in the home. But bathrooms and wet areas have specific requirements for wallpapers. Aveo's range includes no direct wetroom wallpapers, but instead many wallpapers suitable for, for instance, guest bathrooms where there is no shower or bathtub.
  4. What kind of wallpaper do you want? Consider your own needs and preferences. Do you want a floral wallpaper? A graphic wallpaper? An animal wallpaper? An old-fashioned wallpaper? A photo wallpaper? A wallpaper with trees and plants
  5. What color do you want for the wallpaper? Blue wallpapers create a relaxed atmosphere. Green wallpapers provide calm. Pink wallpapers give a sense of security and romance. Beige wallpapers create warmth. Gray wallpapers soothe and create harmony. Yellow wallpapers brighten up and warm.
  6. Wallpaper one wall or the entire room? Photo wallpapers and wallpapers with vibrant colors and large, eye-catching patterns often work well on one wall in the room, preferably combined with calm and neutral wallpapers on the other walls. Calm wallpapers and those with small patterns can be advantageously applied on all walls in the room.
  7. Are you choosing nonwoven wallpaper or paper wallpaper? With nonwoven wallpaper, the paste is applied directly to the wall. On paper wallpaper, the paste is applied to the wallpaper and allowed to expand for a moment before hanging.
  8. Are you looking for vinyl wallpaper? Aveo's range also includes a small number of vinyl wallpapers. Vinyl wallpapers have a plastic surface and can withstand more moisture  than other wallpapers. However, they should not be used in wet rooms as they do not meet wet room standards.
  9. Who will be wallpapering? Will you be wallpapering yourself, or will a professional handle the job? If you're a beginner and wallpapering for the first time, it might be worth choosing a nonwoven wallpaper with a clear pattern repeat that's easy to position, or a wallpaper without any pattern repeat. If you're already a pro or letting a wallpaper installer handle the job, you can choose freely among the patterns!
  10. Invest in wallpaper samples! Purchase wallpaper samples of the wallpapers you're interested in. This way, you can see the colors and pattern sizes in your actual environment. In Aveo's webshop, you can buy A4-sized wallpaper samples from a large selection of wallpapers with direct delivery. Read more about wallpaper samples here.



General information about wallpapers


What is wallpaper? 

Wallpapers are decorative wall coverings, usually made of paper, which are applied to the wall with special wallpaper paste.

Why choose wallpapers instead of paint?

Wallpapers are an eco-friendly and long-term way to decorate your home and create coziness. A wallpaper is a long-term investment.

Where can I wallpaper?

Wallpapers are suitable for almost any wall in the home. The surface should be smooth and firm for the best results when wallpapering.


Environmental aspects of wallpapers

Wallpapers are an eco-friendly choice. Wallpapers aren't replaced every year but can adorn the walls for many years to come. Many brands, such as Boråstapeter, Sandberg, and Morris & Co, use paper raw materials from FSC-certified forests. Most wallpaper factories use water-based paints and exclude heavy metals and PVC from the manufacturing process. Almost every product in Aveo's assortment includes information about the environmental considerations taken during its manufacture. This information is continually updated as we receive more data from the manufacturers.


Guide for those who are buying wallpapers - glossary you need

What is a batch? What is a strip? What is pattern repeat? What is the difference between paper wallpaper and nonwoven wallpaper? Here are the definitions you need to know:

  • Paper wallpaper: Classic wallpapers often used in older homes where traditional materials and methods are prioritized. The paste is applied to the wallpaper on a pasting table, and the wallpaper is allowed to expand for a few minutes before being affixed to the wall.
  • Nonwoven wallpaper: Modern wallpapers that are easy to hang. The paste is applied directly to the wall, and the wallpaper can be hung immediately. The wallpaper does not expand from the paste. The nonwoven material is a blend of cellulose and paper.
  • Easy Up wallpaper: This term is used by some wallpaper manufacturers and means the same as nonwoven wallpaper. In Aveo's webshop, all Easy Up wallpapers are labeled as nonwoven.
  • Batch number: Same thing as the serial number. Wallpapers are printed in batches, and there can be slight color variations between different batches. Therefore, it is advisable to buy enough wallpaper at once so that all have the same serial number. Aveo always accepts returns of whole, unopened, and undamaged rolls if you have purchased too many rolls.
  • Strip: A strip of wallpaper from floor to ceiling is called a wallpaper strip. If the roll is 53 cm wide, the wallpaper strip is also 53 cm wide.
  • Pattern matching: How the wallpaper strips (pattern, for example, a flower that continues from one strip to another) match each other. Straight match means that the pattern is straight horizontally, half drop (offset match) means that the pattern is shifted by half and goes diagonally on the wall.
  • Pattern repeat: The repeat tells how often the wallpaper pattern repeats on the wallpaper. The pattern repeat should be considered when calculating the amount of wallpaper needed.
  • In Aveo's extensive wallpaper guide, you can read more about all wallpaper-related terms.


How many rolls of wallpaper do I need?

Calculating the number of wallpaper rolls needed can be both simple and a bit more complicated. Here are some examples:

  • You have a ceiling height of 2.5 meters on the entire 5-meter-wide wall, with no doors or windows. The wallpaper roll is 53 cm wide and 10.05 meters long, and no pattern repeat (the wallpaper is plain or striped). You get four wallpaper strips from one roll, covering 2.12 meters of the wall's width with one roll. You then need 3 rolls (2.4 to be exact).
  • The same wall and the same size roll as in the previous example, but the wallpaper is patterned and has a pattern repeat of 53 cm. Now there is more waste since the pattern needs to be matched, and you only get three full strips from one roll, which covers 1.59 meters of the wall's width. You need a total of 4 rolls (3.1 to be exact) because it is avoided to seam wallpapers in the middle of the wall.
  • If you want to wallpaper multiple walls/the whole room, you can add the width of the walls together. For example, if the room is 4x5 meters and 2.5 meters in ceiling height, you need 4+4+5+5 = 20 meters in width and 2.5 meters in height.
  • If you then have windows, doors, and slanted ceilings to consider, you can deduct for these. But the wallpaper matching/pattern height/repeat (beloved child has many names) makes it harder, and it's good to double-check the wallpaper consumption so that you surely buy enough wallpaper.
  • Many wallpaper manufacturers have their own wallpaper calculators that calculate consumption. They work well as long as you enter all values correctly.
  • We at Aveo are happy to help calculate the wallpaper consumption. Contact us via chat, email, or phone!
  • It is better to buy too much wallpaper from the start because all rolls you need will then certainly be of the same batch number (serial number). If you have unopened and undamaged rolls left over, you can return them to us (see instructions here) and get your money back. 
  • In the wallpaper guide, you can read more about how to calculate the number of wallpaper rolls needed. Find the wallpaper guide here.


Wallpaper usage


How to remove old wallpaper - step by step

If the wallpaper is firmly attached to the wall (test if it bubbles when you wet it) and is smooth, it does not need to be removed. But if it is uneven, damaged, or bubbles when you wet it, it should be removed before applying new wallpaper. There are many ways to remove old wallpaper, and here is how you do it step by step:

  • Start by emptying the room as much as possible and moving heavy furniture to the center of the room and cover them with plastic.
  • Scrape or remove all loose wallpaper pieces. Do this carefully to avoid damaging the underlying surface.
  • Then soak the old wallpaper. Sometimes just water is enough, other times you may need to mix a bit of dish detergent/wallpaper paste/vinegar/baking soda in the water. If the old wallpaper is vinyl or painted over, the surface must be scored for the liquid to penetrate. Now you can scrape off the soaked wallpaper. This method is eco-friendly but time-consuming.
  • There are also special wallpaper steamers available for purchase/rental. These use hot water steam to dissolve the wallpaper and old wallpaper paste. This method is eco-friendly and quick, but it may require an investment in the machine, which might not be used often.
  • Liquid wallpaper removers are also available on the market. These work well on stubbornly stuck layers of wallpaper. The downside is that they contain chemicals, so you need to use a respirator and ensure good ventilation.


How to Prepare the Wall for New Wallpaper

Have you removed all the old wallpaper? Great! You still have some prep work to do before you can start wallpapering:

  • Is the wall dry, clean, even, and smooth? Sand and spackle as needed. Wipe away dust and dirt. Old wallpaper that is smooth and doesn't bubble when you spray water on it can often be left in place.
  • If you're going to wallpaper with a dark wallpaper on a light wall, it's a good idea to paint where the wallpaper seams will be with the same color as the wallpaper's base color to prevent light color from shining through.
  • Gather or acquire all the tools you need: wallpaper paste, level, roller, brush, putty knife, wallpaper knife, and a soft sponge with water.
  • Make sure you have good lighting in the room to be wallpapered. Ideally, a proper work lamp, but good general lighting + a headlamp will also work.


How to Wallpaper with Non-Woven Wallpaper

The label on the wallpaper roll contains information about the wallpaper you have chosen. The symbol with a brush against a wall means it is a non-woven wallpaper. Follow these steps:

  • Start from a corner. Apply the paste directly to the wall in an even layer, thick enough so you can draw a line with your finger in the paste. Apply paste to an area roughly as wide as two wallpaper widths at a time.
  • Hang the first wallpaper strip closest to the corner. Use a level or plumb line to ensure the wallpaper hangs straight. Use a putty knife to gently press out any air bubbles. Carefully wipe away excess paste with a dry cloth without rubbing.
  • Trim the wallpaper strip at the bottom with a knife.
  • Place the next strip edge to edge with the first, ensuring the pattern matches the first strip. If you're unsure about the pattern repeat, it is indicated on the label.
  • Continue until the wall/room is done! If you're wallpapering an entire room, you can let the wallpaper strip continue onto the next wall if it doesn't end evenly at the corner.


How to Wallpaper with Paper Wallpaper

The label on the wallpaper roll contains information about the wallpaper you have chosen. The symbol with a brush against a table means it is a paper wallpaper. Follow these steps:

  • Spread the wallpaper strip on a wallpapering table with the back side up. Apply plenty of glue, all the way to the edges. Fold the wallpaper from both short sides toward the middle and let it soak (5-7 minutes).
  • Note: Paper wallpapers should sometimes be hung edge to edge, and sometimes with a slight overlap of a few millimeters. Read the roll before you start so you know what applies to your wallpaper.
  • If the walls in your house are uneven, you may first want to position the second strip. Use a plumb line or level to ensure it is straight. Carefully wipe away any excess glue with a damp sponge and lukewarm water, and press out any air bubbles with a putty knife.
  • Then, hang up the first wallpaper strip in the corner and continue with the rest of the wall. 

Care Tips for Your Wallpapers 

Have you finished wallpapering? Bravo! We hope you are happy with your new wallpapers. Here are some tips to increase the lifespan of your wallpapers:

  • A newly wallpapered wall is a bit more delicate than wallpapers that have been up for a long time. So be extra careful during the first few weeks.
  • Avoid chairs and sofas rubbing against the wallpaper. The chair/sofa can leave marks, and the wallpaper can wear out where they meet.
  • Do you want to hang pictures on the wallpapered wall? If possible, place the nail on a darker part of the pattern, if such exists, so the hole is less visible if you decide to remove the picture and nail later.
  • Is the wallpaper peeling at the seams? It likely means that the wallpaper paste wasn't spread out enough. It can be fixed after the fact if you kept any leftover wallpaper paste or if you buy more. Use a thin brush to apply a thin layer of paste to the wallpaper and press firmly. If excess paste comes out, gently wipe it away with a cloth or sponge before it hardens.
  • Please save the label that was around the wallpaper roll. It contains information on how to care for your wallpapers. Some wallpapers can be cleaned with soap and water, while others should be gently wiped. The symbol with one wavy line means wipeable, two wavy lines mean washable, and three wavy lines mean extra washable.
  • Got stains on your wallpaper? Remove the stain by gently dabbing it with a cloth or sponge and a bit of mild soap or detergent. Then wipe away the soap residue with lukewarm water. Dry off any water and let it air dry. Avoid getting water in the wallpaper seams. If your wallpaper is sensitive, such as having a textured surface, glitter, or velvet, be extremely cautious with cleaning. Test on a hidden spot or leftover pieces from the wallpapering.
  • In Aveo's wallpapering guide, you can read more about the wallpapering process, from preparation to wallpapering. 

Online Wallpaper Store – High-Quality Wallpapers from Aveo's Webshop

Wallpapers online: Order your wallpapers and wallpaper samples conveniently directly from our webshop. You will find a wide selection of different wallpapers in the webshop.

Feel free to order wallpaper samples of the wallpapers you are interested in first. This way, you can see if the wallpaper looks as nice in reality as in the picture and if it fits your home under your lighting conditions.

If making a decision is difficult, we are happy to help with wallpaper consultations at our studio in Komossa (Vörå, Ostrobothnia, Finland). We also assist by phone, email, and chat.

Sort and Filter Wallpapers in the Webshop

In Aveo's webshop, you can easily view only the wallpapers that interest you. Here's how:

  • At the top of the page where you are now, you can choose which manufacturer's (Boråstapeter, Marimekko, Cole & Son, etc.) wallpapers you want to see, what style (floral, graphic, vintage, etc.) of wallpapers you like, what material (non-woven, paper wallpaper) you want, and what color (green, yellow, blue, etc.) interests you.
  • For example: There are a total of 2200 wallpapers in the range. You want to see wallpapers from Boråstapeter that are floral, non-woven, and blue. You are now down to under 100 wallpapers. See example wallpapers here.
  • You can also choose to see only wallpapers that are directly in Aveo's stock or wallpapers sold at a discounted price.
  • You can also sort wallpapers by newest first, cheapest first, most expensive first or in alphabetical order. It's entirely up to your preferences!
    We wish you enjoyable moments in the world of wallpapers!


Extensive Wallpaper Collection Online

Aveo's online store offers a large selection of high-quality wallpapers. We sell popular wallpapers from the following brands, among others:


We Help You with Your Wallpaper Purchase

At Aveo, we focus heavily on our customer service and want to assist you before, during, and after your purchase. 

  • When you are considering buying wallpapers from Aveo's webshop, we are happy to answer your questions via the webshop's chat, email, or phone. If you live within reasonable distance to Komossa (Vörå, Ostrobothnia, Finland), feel free to book an appointment for a wallpaper consultation in our studio. In our purchase conditions, you can read all about how a transaction works in Aveo's webshop.
  • We always do our best to ensure that you, as a customer, receive your purchased products as quickly as possible. In our delivery conditions, we explain more about how we work.
  • We offer free returns on regular packages within Finland and refund the amount you paid for the product. See our return and complaint conditions here.
  • We send newsletters to those who want information about promotions and news approximately once a month. You can subscribe to the newsletter on the webshop's homepage.
  • On Aveo's Facebook and Instagram pages, you can see many beautiful and inspiring pictures of products we sell in our webshop. We also often showcase photos that our satisfied customers have posted on their social media.
  • Tag Aveo with the hashtags #aveoshop and #yesaveo on Instagram if you are happy with your purchases and want to share! Here, you can read more about how we work with social media.


Aveo offers competitive prices on wallpapers

We want to make your shopping experience at Aveo as good as possible. We offer:


What is Aveo?

Aveo is a small web shop with a big heart. Our focus is on selling wallpapers online. Aveo is located in the rural area of Ostrobothnia in Vörå, Finland. Here you can read more about Aveo.